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Posted on July 15, 2014 by admin

In our previous posts, we barely scratched the accessory surface: in this one however, we will indicate everything and anything that can come in handy for the future stroller owners regarding accessories.

Full Covers

Every parent wants the best care for their children. And while an adult individual is well adapted to sun rays, heat, water drops or cold temperatures, kids do not withstand extreme weather conditions. That’s why – every stroller has to be equipped with protective covers, in form of fabrics that can completely cover (thus the name) the stroller and provide safety when extreme conditions are present.

Cup Holders

While not so necessary, a slack and a high-end fashionable parent can surely allow himself little bit of cup-holding during those walks in the park. It’s keeping the juices flowing and the drinks right there where you need them. Some Double strollers have this option, many don’t. It is a nice addition to the “modern-day” business parent; it can be used for baby drinks or moms or dads favorite coffee. Either way, it provides hydration while looking cool!

Extra Hooks

If you are a parent (and you surely are, for you wouldn’t read this if not), then you know how things go regarding those bags you always carry: you just don’t have enough room where to put them! Well, a solution can be provided in form of an extra hook you can easily add to your stroller. This way you will always be prepared for grocery shopping, unpredictable events that require hooks or those home-made jam jars from grandma’s house which you always had to carry them in your hands, all the time. When buying hooks, look for strong, sturdy aluminum ones: maybe they look small, but they help big time!

Stroller Board

Obviously, the stroller boards are for bigger kids: so they can place their feet in the most comfortable position they desire. A good board from proved manufacturers usually attaches within a single move; they provide perfect support for children who are not yet ready to keep up with their parents, but are big enough for air-feet!


If you live in California, then it is obvious that you won’t need this particular addition. However, if you are the “northern” type of family, with cold falls and winters (sometimes summers), this will make a great accessory for warm walks even when it’s cold outside! Most stroller blankets are waterproof on the outside and can be zipped to the frame, surrounding your kid with nice warms.

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Wheels for rough terrain

Nice addition for the “high-octane” family. If you like to hike in the woods or re-do the Oregon trail, then you should definitely purchase rough terrain wheels. It will make your adventures more likeable while providing safety for the rocky or mountain terrain the stroller will be exposed to. When buying though, ask which manufacturers make the suitable wheels for your stroller.

Straps for toys

Junior is bored? No problem – use one of these for the favorite toy to be always in reach! No more losing the toys you just bought: just strap them to the stroller and everything is good to go!

Snack tray

Snack trays are practical gadgets: they are usually made from water-resistant materials, providing easier cleaning if the orange juice gets spilled (and it always does). Drinks aside, you can store snacks in it, so it is a nice thing for every stroller owner out there.

Tablet holder

Another gadget for holding gadgets! With this nice addition, you can stop worrying about the “baby boredom” problem while you wait in line. It can be used for holding a tablet, a DVD player or something similar. Keep your baby always entertained!

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