I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have! I have 6 year old twins and 10 mth old triplets. Six years ago I wanted a stroller that could hold the car seats of multiples, and 10 mths ago I wanted this even more. But unfortunately I didn’t have access to the internet until now. I would have bought your product in a heartbeat. People just don’t understand how hard it is to do such simple tasks like going to the store by yourself your just getting into your house without 10 trips. Since my triplets will be one year old in May, it is to late for me to be saved by your product, but I hope more multiple moms will be able to find your product in time. I just wonder why it is so hard to find things that will help the life of a multiple mom go so much easier.

I love it! It has made mobility possible for me and my girls all by ourselves! It’s the best thing I own for my twins! In addition, your ordering process and personal touch made it a pleasure to do business with you. It did arrive just as you said it would! Thanks again for making us mobile!!!

Hey Ladies or Guys, You have come up with a great product for families with multiples. My wife and I were thinking that someone should make a product that was made for multiples that would fit through doorways and you guys did it! Bravo! Hope you have great success with it and we wish you God’s blessings as you have fulfilled a great need. Thanks again!

You guys are the bomb when it comes to strollers! My wife and I have 11 mos. old twins and your Double Decker is the best thing we have ever owned. Everyone stops to ask us where to get one.
-Very Happy Double Decker owner

I had my twins and I must tell you the stroller has been a God send. I do not know what I would have done without it. Thanks!
-john white

I purchased a Triple Decker stroller a few months ago. We go on outings almost daily, and would not be able to do most of them if we did not have the stroller. Thank you so much for putting it on the market.

I purchased your Triple Decker. We have LOVED our triple decker. My other stroller doesn’t turn corners as easily and just seems to be more of a hassle…taking them out of car seats and fastening into the stroller. If my research was thorough, this is the only triplet stroller on the market that accommodates three infant seats. What a treasure. I have told all the triplet moms I know about your stroller!

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