Triple Strollers

What is a Triple Stroller?

Tandem and Side by Side Designs

Like a double stroller, a triple stroller can be fashioned to seat or hold infants side by side or in tandem fashion – one child in front of the other. The triple variety is made to hold a newborn and two older infants, or two newborns and a two year-old, or three children, such a triplets, of the same age. When the strollers are affixed to one another, they basically are separate strollers that are fused or bolted together as one unit.


Horizontal Strollers Offer More Stability

When the seats of a triple stroller are configured vertically, or one seat in front of the other, it is usually easier to steer the stroller through portals and doorways. However, that being said, the side-by-side strollers, because of their horizontal design, offer more in the way of stability.

Reclining Seats and a Car Seat Attachmentdouble Triple Stroller

Whether the stroller seats are arranged horizontally or vertically, they typically recline so parents may add a car seat attachment if they so wish. Canopies are also featured on both side-by-side and tandem models to block out the rays of the sun. A peak-a-boo window allows Mom or Dad to monitor a sleeping child.

Know What You are Buying

Typically, triple strollers can be navigated over curbs much easier than their tandem counterparts and are designed to hold a car seat better too. However, that being said, some triple designs will only hold one car seat. So, make sure, before you buy a triple stroller, that you know everything about your selection.

Triple Strollers Can Be Bulky When Folded for Storage

The type of triple stroller you choose will be contingent on the weights of your children and the amount of space you have available to you for storing the conveyance. As you might guess, some triple stroller models can be rather bulky when they are condensed and folded down.

Primary Amenities

Whether strollers are designed to hold one, two, or three passengers, they usually all highlight the same fundamental features. For example, triple strollers today are equipped with a safety harness, storage basket (to hold formula, wipes, and diapers), reclining, adjustable seat, canopies that retract, and car seat adaptability.

Maneuverability – What You Should Seek

Strollers normally come with an adjustable handle for ease of navigation and feature machine-washable fabrics. Maneuverability is made easier when strollers are manufactured of lightweight materials, such as aluminum. All-terrain type models generally are easier to push through doorways too.

The Safety Handbrake

A safety handbrake–another essential feature–should also not be overlooked. The brake controls both backward and forward motions and can disengage the stroller in case you need to make an unexpected stop. In addition to the handbrake, you also want to make sure that the stroller is equipped with shock absorbers – very important to protect babies from any knocks and bumps in the concrete.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is yet another important consideration – look for strollers that can hold 35 pounds to 45 pounds per seat, with more preference given to the upper weight.

Three Top Rated Triple Strollers

#1 – The Inglesina Domino Trip Triple Stroller

This inline (tandem) stroller features seating that can be adjusted so infants can sit or lie down facing each other, or recline or sit back to back. The frame of the stroller can hold carrier type seats or a carriage style bassinet.

However, the seats will not recline simultaneously. That’s because the Inglesina brand takes safety seriously, so nothing is left to chance when protecting a newborn or older infant. While this high-quality stroller is not exactly affordably priced, you can find the item on the secondary market at a price you will be able to handle.

#2 – The Double Decker Stroller for Triplets

The Double Decker Stroller for Triplets utilizes a light but durable 22-pound frame which has been configured to conveniently hold carrier-type seats from Graco and Evenflow. The tandem, inline stroller features stacked or stadium seating, and and can hold a combination of 100 pounds. You can use the stroller for quite some time as the conveyance is also designed to accommodate children of toddler age.

#3 – The Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Stroller for Triplets

A New Zealand made product, the Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Stroller features a side by side design that is stylized for all sorts of terrain. Use this stroller for jogging or walking activities. The wheel can be locked into place if you run into a rough spot in the road or an uneven terrain.. The three padded seats on the stroller fully recline for sleeping infants and children.

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