Double Stroller

Traditional Side-by-Sides

Typically, a traditional double stroller, also referred to as a side-by-side or twin stroller, is represented by two seats – looking like two single strollers affixed to one another. Just like a single passenger stroller then, the features of a twin stroller is the same, except you have two strollers instead of one affixed to one another.

Tandem Styles

Many double and triple strollers also feature a tandem design. In other words, the seats are aligned vertically rather than horizontally.

Strollers for Joggers and Runners

Double strollers are made as jogging strollers too. Designed with three wheels, the strollers allow parents to run and push their children at the same time. Strollers come with a hand brake and a foot brake for maximum control. Larger tires are featured on this type of conveyance too.

Carriage-type Double Strollers

Finally, you can’t review double baby strollers without including the old-fashioned carriage stroller on the list These kinds of prams, which were used in Victorian times, offer plenty in the way of sleeping room, and therefore are ideal for transporting newborn twins.

Suggested Double Strollers – Top 5 Picks

(1) Combi Cosmo Twin Stroller

Combi Cosmo Twin Stroller

If you are looking for a side-by-side double stroller, then you will like the Combi Cosmo Twin model. The stroller, which comes in various colors, features removable and washable covers. While some double strollers cannot get through a standard doorway, the Combi Cosmo Twin usually can find entrance through most portals. Weighing just over 22 pounds, the stroller’s one handlebar makes it easy to steer too. It’s not surprising then that this particular stroller has been applauded with 4-star reviews.

The Combi Cosmo Twin comes with a safety boot that converts the seats into secure, bassinet-type enclosures. Plus, the stroller’s 3-Second Fold system quickly folds down the stroller into a compact size. Safety harnesses feature 3 and 5-point restraints and the seats on the means of transport recline at various settings.

Other features include child cup holders, padded bumper bars, carrying strap, seat pads that can be removed and washed, and a storage basket located beneath the seats. Extended sun canopies that can be adjusted come with windows and pockets for storage. Needless to say, this all-inclusive double stroller is worth considering.

(2) BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

 BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller

Perfect for a Runner with Twins

A parent who runs who also has newborn twins will especially like the features of the, BOB Ironman Duallie Stroller. One of the lightest let best durable strollers of its kind, the Dually weighs in at just over 31 pounds. A 3-inch suspension system provides extra maneuverability for people who want to run and push their twins at the same time.

A Smooth-riding, All-terrain Type Stroller

Tires are durable and are high-pressure road slicks that can handle varying terrains. Featured in blue or racer yellow, the stroller typically receives 5-star reviews. Fitness buffs like the stroller as they can maintain their pace while their children enjoy the smoothness of the ride. The double Duallie stroller is just over 2 ½ feet wide.

Some of the Amenities

State-of-the art amenities on the Duallie include:

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • A fixed wheel for stability
  • Sixteen-inch tires
  • A tracking knob that adjusts to ensure the stroller remains centered
  • A fast two-step fold design
  • A weight capacity of 100 pounds, or 50 pounds for each occupant
  • Three-inch shock absorbers
  • Suspension system
  • Hand-controlled front brake
  • Accessory adapter for installation of a food tray or car seat
  • Seat pockets and storage basket
  • Five-point harness systems with padding
  • Reclining, padded seat and additional support
  • Five-year warranty, extending to the fabric, small parts and frame

Easy Conversion to a Travel System

The Duallie accommodates a number of car seat brands, including Chicco and Graco, with installation made easy with the strollers adapter accessory. Therefore, you can convert this “fitness” stroller into a travel system too.

Minimum Age Requirement

According to the manufacturer, infants should be at least two months old if the car seat is not being used.

Salient Features

A padded reclining seat that can be multi-positioned provides plenty in the way of a child-safe and comfortable ride. The heat-pressed foam padding and weaved material also makes the stroller’s fabric resistant to water and spills. Mesh pockets on either side of the stroller’s interior secures an infant’s playthings as well.

Stay Focused on Your Workout

The BOB Ironman stroller features a tracking knob that keeps the conveyance straight and on course. Therefore, users only need to concentrate on their run or jog. The foot braking system and wrist strap on the stroller ensure that the stroller will always stay with you while you are working out.

Sun Canopies Block out the Sun’s Harmful Rays

The sun canopies on the Dually shade infants well, supplying a 125 degree range of cover, keeping your child safeguarded from the sun. A peek-a-boo window also assists parents in watching over their child.

The Handlebar Sits at Just the Right Height

Although the handlebar on the stroller cannot be adjusted for height, most users find that the it is comfortable to use.

(3) Stroll Air My Duo

Stroll Air My Duo

One of the higher-end side-by-sides you may want to consider is the Stroll Air My Duo, which offers a host of amenities. Indeed “My Duo” lives up to its name as it can accommodate two car seats – you just have to raise one of the seats on the frame higher than the other. Adapters for this purpose are sold separately. You also have to purchase the car seats individually. Colorful bassinets may be purchased, as well, for newborn babies.

One Small Drawback – the Size of the Seat

While seats can hold as much as 40 pounds, they are not overly wide (under a foot, or 10 inches in size). So, if you are seeking a stroller that will accommodate your child up to pre-school, you may have to opt for a different kind. However, that is the only drawback you will find as you can’t help but like the stroller’s other amenities.

An Ideal Stroller to Use for a Visit to the Park

For example, each seat on the double stroller reclines and reverses independently and the canopies on the conveyance offer more than enough protection. Also, visors are provided to block out the sun and panels have been included for better circulation of air. Therefore, the stroller is an ideal choice for parents who spend a good deal of time outside.

Some Other Great Features

The large-sized storage basket and adjustable handle are great additions to the design as are the rain coverings, foot muffs, bumper bars and mosquito netting. The stroller even comes with a matching diaper bag.

(4) The Joovy Twin

Added Stability

One double stroller that is more affordably priced as well as well-equipped is the Joovy Twin Roo. The stroller is designed so that car seats are positioned opposite of one another on either side. Therefore, each infant obtains a parent’s undivided attention without any kind of distraction. The base of the Twin Roo stroller is broader than other standard stroller frames for car seats, thereby providing added stability.

Six-inch Wheels

Also, the six-inch wheels on the unit ensure better navigability. The drink tray, for baby, is positioned just right as well – low enough to avoid risky spillage. Car seat brands that accommodate the stroller include Peg Perego, Graco, and Chicco. The large storage basket is still another feature that adds to the stroller’s popularity.

(5) The Quattro Tour Duo

The Quattro Tour Duo

Easily Accesses Doorways

One tandem double stroller worth mentioning is the Quattro Tour Duo. Designed to be as wide as a regular, single stroller, the stroller makes it easy for parents to maneuver through a variety of doorways. Plus, the stroller is just a little bit longer than a single stroller too – making pushing your children from here to there all the more easy to do.

Seat and Weight Requirements

The stroller accepts such car seats as the Infant SafeSeat and GracoSnug Ride 32. A front seat adapter allows you to install a second Graco seat as well. The stroller holds up to 90 pounds, or a child weighing as much as 50 pounds in front.

Some of the amenities of the Quattro Tour Duo include:

  • A storage pocket under the front seat
  • Large storage basket, which comes with flip-down access
  • Cup holders and storage pouch for the adults
  • Cup holders and snack holders for baby
  • Lockable-type front swivel wheels
  • Suspension system
  • Canopies over each seat that adjust
  • Reclining seats that lay out flat for newborns
  • An elevated rear seat
  • 3 and 5-point seat harness system
  • Ergonomically-designed handle
  • A convenient, one-step brake system
  • Eight inch wheels

A Travel System for Twins

The Quattro Tour Duo, which weighs almost 40 pounds, is an ideal choice for families with a newborn and toddler. The toddler can be positioned in the front while the newborn can rest safely in a car seat in the rear. If you have twins, then the first seat is equipped with an adapter that can be used for installation, thereby converting the stroller into a travel system for twins.

A Few Final Notes about the Quattro

Cushiony, padded seats add to the comfort of your children’s ride, particularly if you are going to be out and about for a while. The rear seat sits up higher, or is elevated, stadium style, and each seat features its own sun canopy. The front canopy can be rotated to block the sun’s rays at a variety of angles while the canopy on the back provides wind blockage and extra shade. A peek-a-boo window allows you to keep watch on your babies at the same time.

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