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The key difference between a jogging and a regular double stroller

If you were reading our posts so far, you may have been left with some unanswered questions. Like: what is the main difference between a traditional and a jogging type stroller? Do not worry, because we will disseminate all information regarding key differences, types and best seller’s lists of jogging strollers.

In the past years, some people could’ve been seen jogging alongside traditional strollers; the runs were to be taken with serious caution and beforehand plans: usually it involved flat and smooth surfaces, as well as improved padding of the child aboard. But, as time went by, people saw the potential in exercise and proper children raise – by combining the two statements, the jogging stroller was born!

BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller

These strollers usually have three large wheels (which come fixed or with the option to be fixed), 3 plus point harnesses, drink holders and every other addition taken directly from the predecessors, i.e. the traditional stroller. The jogging models continue to evolve and today, the potential customer can be baffled by the myriad choices offered when it comes to these types of strollers. If you happen to be that kind of person, read on, for you may find what you were looking for right here, on double decker stroller dot com.


The first thing to look when buying a jogging stroller, whether single or double (even triple!) one, is the stability offered by it. It is a good characteristic for a jogger to possess it and it will help in your journey, aiding you like another friend running besides. The turning of the stroller while running is a feat being enabled by the uneven distribution of weight between the three wheels. With fixed wheels, you are left with only two ways of changing direction – either by going back and forth or by lifting the front wheel and going in the wanted direction. It sounds like a tough maneuver, and it is. The traditional stroller is best suited for walking – therefore it cannot be moved around so easily while running with it. If you run more than you walk with your stroller, then a jogging one would make a great addition to the family.

Next into consideration comes the front wheel. Most jogging strollers will offer you a lockable front wheel best suited for running; the same can be left to swivel however, if a situation demands walking and only that. You can steer and maneuver quite easily with the second option and that’s why you should look for a stroller that has it. And again, if you only plan to run while strolling with the kids, then your options are open: you can choose between a lockable and a static wheel. Note than it is highly unadvisable to run with a traditional stroller, or a jogging one with its wheels set in the swivel position: a small pebble can mean great danger for everyone onboard.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double JoggerAlso, if you live in a city or busy suburbs, you will find great assistance in your friend – the swiveling wheel. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space for maneuvers and exhibitions with your stroller, then the interchangeable wheel will not mean much when taking that walk.

Lots of customers do not think for everything when buying a stroller, and who is about to blame them? After all, there are lots of things worth considering: cost, sturdiness, maneuverability, weight, seats count and so on – the list can be, so to say, infinite. So, have you ever thought about the handle height? If you belong to the average size population, then you will most likely encounter no problems with handle heights. If you are however, shorter than the average parent, then you may want to consider an adjustable handle; you do not want to run while you spread your hands upwards – it is just not a comfortable feeling to think of. Lots of companies offer adjustable handles with their strollers, and while they differ in details, all of them can do the work for you.

Furthermore, you should also take in consider the wheel width: with the main reasons being more aesthetic than the previous ones we talked about. So, if you are a considerable and keen for other peoples’ needs’ then you may restrict yourself from taking the whole sidewalk space when strolling. Or maybe you don’t have enough space for storage after all. Note that double jogging strollers can be tandem or side-by-side wise. The side-by-side ones have more width, and this makes them harder for pushing through narrow passages, like restaurants or supermarket aisles. Tandem strollers are doing better job at this opposed to their counterparts.

Now, when you first read about stroller additions, you wonder if they indeed are really necessary. Let’s put it like this: some of them are and some of them aren’t. Amongst the necessary ones we definitely list the hand brake. They represent great addition to the strolling business, allowing mom and dad to brake whenever needed. It can be particularly handy in the jogging strollers (single, double, triple or quadruple +), for the parent can keep his pace while going downhill for example; or if they want to incrementally stop the momentum of the moving stroller. Either way, with the hand brake, the parent can stop acting like counterweight for the stroller when going downhill.

Other main jogging stroller characteristics include fully retractable canopy for rain or sun protection, folding ways: some fold faster, better and take less space when folded than other jogging strollers; storage space, etcetera.

Best-selling double joggers

You know us: we always review strollers with more seats!

So, let’s take a look at the best-selling ones.

1. BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller

It comes at only 31 inches width, can fit through most narrow passageways, can be used both for jogging and casual walking. The seats recline and the canopies retract, with the addition of large storage basket underneath and cup holders at the sitting area.

2. InSTEP Safari Double Stroller

This stroller is not all gadgetry-one like the BOB jogger, but nevertheless is sturdy, reliable and most importantly – cheaper than the previous one! It also features shoulder pads, plush seats, bumper bar and many more additions.

3. Schwinn Turismo Double Jogging Stroller

It has many great features, like: front wheel with the swivel option we talked about, lightweight frame made of aluminum, also – extra wide tires and adjustable handle for short and tall parents alike!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: after all, we as parents want the best pick for you and your kids! Cheers!

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