Britax Affinity Base Stroller Review

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About the Company

How do we start this review, if not from the official manufacturer’s page? On the site you can read everything about the company, which includes the leadership role in mobile safety for over 70 years, with “a legacy of leadership in developing innovations that enhance the safety of child car seats and improve their ease of installation and use”. Furthermore, the official sources state that the company commits fully to improve child safety – which is their top priority ever since the company started working. They rigorously test every product design and make sure that indeed, it is safe for public and home usage.

About Britax Affinity Stroller

Britax Affinity Base Stroller

With the Britax Affinity Stroller you can transform your busy time into leisure time. The design is adaptable to any environment and provides refine movements; all this while keeping the baby in comfort – it’s durable, sturdy, versatile and above all – it functions perfectly! Its base design starts smooth: on top of it you can add additional parts and customize the whole ride according to your personal taste. Of course, the customizable part has only started: the Click & Go system can adapt any changing needs you may have: installing an infant car seat, a bassinet and even switching the directions of the primary seat without any additional purchases or removals. The Affinity stroller features all great things the company strives to: stability, safety and sleek design. It’s carefully and thoughtfully engineered all while keeping a close eye on the details. The fabrics, accessories and materials are all premium-wise – this provides great comfort for the parent and the child both.


Coming as a customizable base stroller, this one is full in the making:

  • Base Frames – the potential customer can choose between black, silver and white frames provided by the company. Every individual frame is accompanied with a reversible seat with 4 reclining positions. The style and looks come as superior ones – starting from the aluminum made hinges and exceptional designed frames – ending on a slacker note. They are sold separately from the stroller.

  • Bassinet – it keeps the newborn children in a comfortable sleeping position while exhibiting your personal style. The bassinet is made for infants that weigh up to 20 lbs. (9 kilograms), featuring a retractable canopy visor and ventilation room (zipper-wise) that provides additional comfort for the baby. This item is also sold separately from the base.

  • Air-Filled Tires – it has pneumatic tires which are soft with an adjustable suspension. They move with ease while you do your daily walks; also, the handle is adjustable, so no worries if you are shorter or taller than the average parent.

  • Color Packs – You can choose between six vibrant colors; the coloring includes the buckle pads, canopy, basket storage and a high quality fabric that can be washed in a machine. This item is sold separately.

  • Cozy Toes – this addition nullifies the cold temperatures, all while elevating your personal style. It can be picked in all six Color Pack variants. The Cozy Toes are thermal insulated – so no more getting “scared” of the cold! It is really helpful if you happen to live in areas where the air temperature varies constantly. You can walk, anywhere, anytime. Its outer shell is rain and wind repellent, so no moisture can come near the baby. It is easily attachable and detachable, and it uses the stroller harness option for firmer frame grasp. You can also use the full length zipper down the front – the same provides improved temperature regulation during cold weather conditions. This item is sold separately.

  •  Click & Go – this system allows easier transforming and is always there for your ever changing needs! You can install a bassinet, car seat for infants or even change the direction of the base stroller seat – all done without using any additional unnecessary parts!


  • Well engineered and easy for using and assembly

  • Minimalist design while staying modern

  • Referred from customers as “The Range Rover” of strollers

  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

  • Its frame and tire design allows smooth and easy pushing

  • Comes with an adjustable handle so that everyone can use it, regardless of height

  • Soft back padding


  • Sunshade comes only when you buy the Color Pack

  • Back seat does not recline

  • More budget demanding


With everything being said so far, do not waste time and buy this stroller (for someone else will before you). Sure it’s more demanding on the budget, but it looks and feels extraordinary stylish – all while being perfectly engineered and manufactured for easy and comfortable strolling. The Britax Affinity Base Stroller could make a great addition to your family, allowing you to focus on the baby, and relieve all your headaches.

If you have any questions regarding this stroller, feel free to contact us . Nice Shopping!

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