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What is a Stroller?

We know that babies mostly spend up to 4 years in strollers, which is relatively a short amount of time when taking in consider the lifespan of an average human being. Therefore, choosing the right stroller is of essential meaning – both for the baby and the parents. But, postulated in front of thousands of models, one can only ask himself about the difference between various types of strollers, and is it of any significance to spend time and effort in order to do a research on the market? Putting these two statements together and you can conclude that indeed, it is worth the time.

Now, what is a stroller? “Stroller” comes from the innovative system of the baby cart (if it has one) resembling an umbrella – hence the name given. Typically, most baby carts will have strollers, but will differ in details. There are countless types of strollers the marketplace offers and below we will present but a few of them.

Prams or buggy

This is a pram with 4 wheels which comes with couple of options – for example: travel systems, room for baby accessories, even large wheels; its tires work by pumping them up with air. It’s mostly suitable for long strolls, families in possession of a car and parents and babies who need lots of space for storage. They are durable and provide a stable drive in urban environments.

3 Wheel Pram or jogger

This takes rather a modern approach to the sporting parents. It is a pram with 3 wheels, large air tires and can be very easy on the turning. It’s most suitable for parents who want to exercise, all while keeping the baby safe. It’s generally more moveable than a 4 wheeler and comes with extra padding inside.

Umbrella-fold stroller

This is a somewhat smaller baby cart, suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years old; also, they can be used for newborns only if the seat can be lowered by a full 180 degrees. It is easy to fold and store but its wheels are not so durable like the previous models had.

Multi-child strollers

This type of stroller takes a rather unusual approach, combining two strollers into one. It is most suitable for families with twins, or same/similar age newborns. They are not so easy on the folding and heavier than the regular one-seat stroller.

Various Style of Strollers

Combi Twin Cosmo Stroller

Traditional Side-by-Sides

Typically, a traditional double stroller, also referred to as a side-by-side or twin stroller, is represented by two seats – looking like two single strollers affixed to one another. Just like a single passenger stroller then, the features of a twin stroller is the same, except you have two strollers instead of one affixed to one another.

A Triple Stroller Style

Black Triple StrollerThe same holds true for a triple stroller that is designed for triplets or children close to the same age. When positioned next to each other, triple strollers basically are individual strollers that are joined together as one unit.

Tandem Styles

The Quattro Tour Duo Strollers

Many double and triple strollers also feature a tandem design. In other words, the seats are aligned vertically rather than horizontally.

What is a triple stroller?

With multiple child births being in the rise, the triple strollers come as newest additions of modern families.Imagine a double stroller and add one more seat to it. They usually have three seats with a weight limit of 50 kilograms (110 pounds) and are reasonably heavier and harder to maneuver than double or single strollers because of the extra seat. If you have triplets, then this would be the right choice for you. Usually the seats are separated with canopies, still allowing children to interact through the side-by-side design (if applicable). These are not usually recommended for sporting families since they are heavier, but are nevertheless welcomed for everybody else who wants nothing more than a walk in the park. And because of the components, some assembly may be required before going out and enjoying the beauties a day offers. You know how they say: big wheeler for big families!

Features of a triple stroller

Because of the many models and designs, different triple strollers will possess different features. The most generic of models will usually have these characteristics:

  • Safety harnesses

  • Reclining seats (optionally detachable)

  • Shock absorbing wheels (plastic or pump-up ones)

  • Design assisting child interaction (side-by-side)

  • Sturdiness and durability

  • Folding for storage in closets or car trunks

  • Waterproof fabric

  • Pedal brakes and automatic brakes for extra safety

  • Weight limit up to 110 pounds (50 kilograms)

  • Met all standards and requirements (JPMA or ASTM)

  • Other features concerning various models

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